We have prepared several resources to help you celebrate this Advent season well, even if that means from home.

Advent Calendar

Use this Advent calendar to reflect on a new scripture verse each day of Advent.  This verse will also be the focus for that day in our video devotionals.  Read and reflect on this verse throughout the day as a guide through the Advent season.  

The Parent Cue calendar is for families with children.  Gather around every day of this month to read the story of how God sent joy to the world with the gift of His Son, Jesus.  Families are also invited to use the slips provided below to make your own Advent chain and reflect on a new passage of scripture that coincides with the Advent calendar.  

You can download these resources below.

Daily Advent Devotionals

Join us every morning of Advent at 8:30 am on Facebook Live for a devotional led by an HNAZ staff member.

HNAZ Advent Project

Blessing HCCSC Families in Need

This year as we began to think about organizations and causes we could bless during the Advent season, we couldn’t help but be drawn to a local approach. 2020 has been a year that has brought a lot of hardships to families, including some in our own community. This year, paying even the most routine or expected fees may be even more challenging with the potential losses of jobs and income for families. One particular fee that impacts many families this year are book rental and other school fees. These fees can often be in the hundreds of dollars per child. This is a burden that many families can’t bear alone. One of the ways we want to encourage being a good neighbor during this Advent season is to collect an offering to help pay these fees off for as many families as possible. We believe that even the simplest gift this year can bring light into the darkness around us.  
This year, there is approximately $50,000 of outstanding fees due to HCCSC.  As a church, we would like to commit to a goal of at least $5,000 while helping as many families as we can overcome this burden.  If you would like to partner with us to achieve this goal, you can give to this project the same way you give your tithe & offerings.  Be sure to designate your gift to Advent Project or HCCSC School Fees.

Bless Your Neighbor in Advent

Throughout Advent, we want to love our local heroes well.  Each week of our Advent calendar will focus on specific heroes in our community.  We encourage you to bless those of these categories that you know personally or we have provided a list of names of those who have a connection with our church.


A teacher, school administrator, school staff member, etc.

First Responder/Military

Police, Fire, EMS, Military, etc.

Healthcare Workers

A doctor, nurse, medical professional, etc.

Nursing Homes

Nursing home staff and/or residents.